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Tapasee Pannu is an Indian Model and Miss India 2008 Finalist. She is now turned into silver screen. She is very cute and hot girl.

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Priyamani Say about Her Bikini Act

Raavanan in Tamil and Telugu in the villain. "This is the dream of any actor to work in Mani Ratnam movie, and I was happy to work with a legend like Sir Mani Ratnam, the beginning of my career. When I received a call from Sir Mani wanted to meet me, I just could not believe it. There were a butterfly in the stomach. Even before we met, he praised me many times said: "I was just fine in Parutthiveeran".

In the dark beauty can not stop at the ACE Director. He looked at the script and said that he must play a role Vennila. Simply put, he called me, as a symbol color Raavanan as a scene where only those features that are colored background, while the rest of the movie filmed in natural colors. "On the limits of Bollywood with Ram Gopal Varma from Rakta Charitra, the actress said:" signed blind Raktha ... because it's one film RGV. And he is so beautiful and gave me a lot of space to prepare before shooting.

Ask her why she chooses the route on the glam to wear a bikini, and makes this song the pair sequence literacy, where she was awarded the actress, and she actually said: "Is there anything wrong wearing the impressive facilities that meet the I I think, why not ask others actresses who do the same thing, only instead of turning me? In addition, I wore a bikini Telugu Movie Drona dream song and I had to jump into the pool. Obviously, I can not jump into the water carries Sarah! He drew his share in the comments - both good and not. I took it in my step "

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Bikini, When Heat is on......

Given the scorching heat, which is by Mumbai is the best way to beat the heat would hit the pool. Not surprisingly, many bathing suits for summer trend has emerged. And as no two pieces bikini to praise the "punch" factor, it seems that the T-shirt (or one piece bathing suit) has developed a suite, as well. Indeed, it generated a great popularity.

As Dalbir Bains of Boudoir London, explains: "Traditionally, two-piece bikini was when the perfect bathing suit for the really good and the piece was a cover-up, if one can call it that. But now this is as a good number also changed be cut in a bikini-style highlighted. That was the only room a massive return and you look so sexy and even sexier in a bikini cut for a two-parts on color, design, and of course, and form. "

Designer Falguni Peacock added that back here in India, actor Priyanka Chopra, the body of the trend in Dostana contributed. "She was a swimsuit one piece of gold and it looked really interesting in it. Moreover, even if you do not have a body like Priyanka, you can your belly hiding with his shirt cut properly. Bikinis One-piece in colors such as green-blue sea and pink - even with a psychedelic prints and leopard - in this moment, "she says.

Arshiya Fakih believes that the T-shirt could be used for those who want to avoid a TAN ideal. "Abroad, people like to tan, but is not the case. In addition, the shirt is a classic bit moderate and conservative, and many Indians Sun At the same time, it did not take to be boring, so it with a very short Rock, a pair of colorful flip-flops and get a "cool" Search. " colorful bikinis in one piece with floral patterns and prints can pair are also very good. In fact, a white shirt, which is fed and thick substance could be a good idea. Ultimately it is the piece that makes the difference of cutting - a simple covering of the body during the glamor and have turned again, "she said.

Model Anchal Kumar has the last word. "I think, both the swimsuit and bikini two pieces are also good. The latter fact, never left the fashion or otherwise, even hot pants (or hot pants). A well-developed Jersey can be a strong competition bikini, so ends he.

What a jersey?

The jersey is the name of the fashion designer swimwear one piece by a woman. A one-piece swimsuit usually consists of a tank to the upper body, legs high cut style. However, a jersey, a plunging neckline, turtleneck-style top or cut-outs revealing. Fashion designers have experimented with the jersey from a shoulder holster bikini, bandeau bikini, and more recently, the jersey with the cuts.

Kangana Ranaut Hot Photos

Kangana Amardeep Ranaut was born on June 20, 1984 in Bhambla, a village in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. She lived in Shimla and Chandigarh before moving to New Delhi. Amardeep father was a businessman and her mother Asha teacher. She has an elder sister named Rangoli and younger brother, Akshit.

She is teaching in DAV Model School in Chandigarh. She went to college to study science in Shimla and is to become a doctor. She relocated to New Delhi and entered in the Elite model agency, but her modeling career did not take off. She also joined Asmita theater group in 2003 and acted in several plays. She was admitted to the Asha Chandra Acting School.

She was in a cafe when she was spotted by Anurag bass and recorded for gangster in 2005.

Kangana Ranaut Movies
2006 Kangana Ranaut screen appears first as a little girl Simran dreams of the big city, which falls on bass Anurag Gangster thugs in. She received best actress award. In Woh Lamhe Mohit Suri she plays the role of Sana, who was allegedly based on Parveen Baba.

2007 Kangana is part of Shakalaka Boom Boom and Anurag bass life on the subway, which was a hit.

2008 Her first film Tamil, Dhaam Dhoom, as he sees Shenba and was successful. In a fashion Madhur Bhandarkar, she played the role of Shonali, a model who loses drugs.

2009 Kangana first edition was in 2009 Raaz Mohit Suri in - Mystery continues. Its performance received positive reviews.

2010 will be seen with Bobby Deol in Roshan Roshan Roshan and a snake. It also collaborates with the Italian director Pianelli Gildas in the movie "The night and the moon.

The actress was cast in a part of Madhubala / Sona in the "What is happening in Mumbai. Ranaut playing essentially tragic character will get a chance to show it in the comic any problems with Sushmita Sen. She will also be part of another comedy, Tanu Manu Wednesday with Madhavan. It can be seen Barkha Dutt, as a knockout.
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Summer Swimwear Trends

This summer, try a different kind, as far as I swim wear concerns. It's been a long time if you were wearing the same old swimsuit. Here are some new trends that you can try and see what suits you best.
One should

This is a bikini with a belt or shoulder pieces. Most styles are super hot, almost ramps trends that can make you look like a million dollars. But they come with a small riders. For starters, do not try to get one if you Busty. Shoulders should be colored as well. But they are great if you want to draw attention away from the diaphragm or lower chest.


These bikini with bands bands and reduce the window held together. These forms are usually lean, mean and hungry "look. An alternative, this trend could be two-piece thingy (television and short definitions), with a delicate touch cards in summary form.


This is more like a tank top with short. In the climax is even more coverage, which limits a little love handles. But do not wear this style if you're looking abdominal control. Solid colors will work well. Flee from the usual black and experiment with bright colors or deep as purple, red and blue jewel.

Swim dress

These are small numbers, occasionally with hair band and neck strap cycle, hot. They can add much-needed zing and sports an interesting look. They hide flaws, not super-hard on the diaphragm. Experiment with floral watercolor effects, huge flowers. Tip: Go for smaller flower print, they are well secured.


This is more or less like a wet suit with hood. You can love or hate, but you can not ignore it. So if you've hidden 'faithful not pornographic show that might be a good option. This is a great choice for almost all types of massage. However, be prepared to feel a bit limited in the long swim.

Dos and Don'ts

- The bottom of the high reduction will make short legs, thin and more.
- To distract from the big thigh to the top with a nice color and detail.
- Under wire bikini with frills or Ruffles increases small bust line.
- Gang style (not a high neck), almost flat punch line.
- It's dark, but profoundly brilliant colors do some stomach control.
- Triangle bikini top made heavy look bad bust.
- Show some skin (breaking bands) to visually reduce the width.
- Stripes add the width of each form. Gently massage can flaunt well.

Moon Moon Dutta Hot Photos

Bengali beauty Moon Moon (Munmun) Dutta is a model and actress. It became known that the winner of the television comedy series "shield Mehta ka Oolta Chashma in SAB TV. Moon Moon Babita Iyer Dutta play that married women in a serial shield Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. She said in an interview that now she can speak Gujarati as well.

Moon Moon (Munmun) Dutta has also worked as an actress in the Bollywood film "Holiday" in 2006, trying to scare film directed by Bhatt. Now is a person in the TV industry, so she tries to get the opportunity to work in industry. She made her hot photos and a new image and change its image. Moon Moon Dutta looks so hot in this new photoshoot. It is one of the fastest growing Indian film actress.


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Beware! You could be wrong bra!

Women do not wear the kind of bra could be damaging their right breasts without realizing it, health experts have warned.

The team's research in biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth said that ignorance or embarrassment might be the reason why women choose the wrong type of media.

Researchers at the University of Hampshire Department of Sports Science said that wearing a bra can cause fragile tapes still tense.

The research team has tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women over the last three years.

Dr. Joanna Scurr, research showed that breasts move up to 21cm (8.26 inches) during exercise and they move from top to bottom, inside and out and from left to right.
Most bras are designed to limit vertical movement.

"Many women have strong preferences for certain types of bra, and not buy anything else," the Sun quoted Wendy Hedger, a researcher on Dr Scurr team, as saying.

"They are not even all that does not resemble the type of bra they are used to look.

"In sports bras, for example, do not buy too many women a bra that resembles their bra every day and not on the back - they think they can not be established on their heads like a top crop, it is not a sports bra real.

"But this is not true and many sports bras do up at the back the same way as a traditional bra and do a very good job of supporting women.

"And some women cause pain or discomfort by not buying breast size bra.

"There is a stigma about certain sizes. Many women do not want to be too small or too big and buy a bra that does not fit well be in order, what they consider a normal size are considered.

"Many other women to know that she wears a badly fitting bra or not wear the bra size because they systematically as ill-fitting bras are sold.

"Some women forget that change their shape and size and they could go through several changes in bra size over their lifetime especially after breastfeeding and menopause," said Hedger.