Monika Pietrasinska on Fire

Scorching hot Lingerie model Monika Pietrasinska in Anais Lingerie is too hot to handle. This model is at the top of the list and she is gorgeous. Those beautiful eyes and perfect,sexy body make her untouchable except with fire gloves. This girl in this kind of lingerie is an incredible way to celebrate the holidays. The perfect gift wrapped in lingerie. Have a great holiday with Monika.

Hottest Weather Girls

Weather girls are such a tease. Reaching all over the place and pointing. You could put the TV on mute and still enjoy it. Check out the hottest weather girls.


See the fashion photos from Nicole Kidman’s February cover shoot. Plus, read the Q & A with Jennifer Aniston, her co-star in the new comedy Just Go With It, and check out her style through the ages.

Natalie Portman Gets Trashy

Don’t start freaking out, I’m a Natalie Portman fan just like everyone else. She is smart, talented, sexy, and half-naked in these pictures. Whew! If only she was. Instead she showed up to some event in a trash bag. No wait. It was a curtain. I am still totally in love with her and I am not a fashion critic but when I see my future wife wearing “GLAD” clothing, I shudder. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Natatlie’s boobs hanging out or even seeing as much as I can. Its a fashion faux pas at its best and we are here to say OMG!

Jennifer Lopez In Very Tight Suit

Jennifer Lopez showing her curves on stage in an extremely tight suit. She still got the looks, and damn that ass is still making history!

Brooke Hogan Grammy Cleavage

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes Festival